Oil Change

Get Your Oil Changed At Jenkins and Wynne

Here at Jenkins and Wynne we believe it is important to get a regular oil change to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Our service team will get you in and out fast because we know how valuable your time is. While we service your vehicle, we will change the oil and check your tires, cabin filter, and battery to insure that everything is in top shape. During your express oil change, we offer other services such as tire rotation which we recommend customers getting done every 6 months. We would love the opportunity to serve you today!

Engine Oil

Most cars on the road today use multi-grade oil — one that can work efficiently in cold and hot weather. A multi-grade oil is rated by two numbers. If you have any questions on which oil you should use, contact your Jenkins and Wynne mechanic below. 

About the oil classification system.

Each engine oil comes with a classification indicating its viscosity, which is its friction or resistance to flow. In a multi-grade oil, the first number indicates how the oil will flow when it is cold. The lower the number, the lighter the oil and the better it will perform at lower temperatures.

Why viscosity is a concern.

During cold starting, only a small amount of oil is present in the upper parts of engines. To lessen the friction when upper engine parts, such as the valve train, pistons, overhead cam and cam bearings, scrub against each other, a lower viscosity allows the oil to reach the components more quickly.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

This is typically an oil-based fluid used in a transmission that lubricates and cools the transmission and provides hydraulic pressure to shift gears automatically.

Why 5W-30 and 5w-20 oils are so popular.

Many vehicles today leave the factory with 5W-30 or 5w-20 engine oil. Vehicle manufacturers recommend them because they are lighter oils that perform well in a range of temperatures and help improve gas mileage.

Which oil is right for your car?

The simplest and safest way to find out is to check your owner’s manual...or talk to your Jenkins and Wynne mechanic.


Your vehicle relies on a variety of fluids to operate its brake, steering, transmission, engine cooling and other systems. When these fluids become degraded or are at incorrect levels, damage to other components may occur...so always follow the manufacturer. Contact your Jenkins and Wynne mechanic below with any questions or to set up your next oil change appointment. 

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